A Baking Success


I’ll confess now – I’ve never been the world’s best baker. I can handle the easy stuff like muffins and loaf cakes (and sometimes even they go wrong!), but anything more elaborate than that and I tend to go to pieces. My skills are slowly developing, but it’s going to be a while before I’m making multi-tiered concoctions or anything like that.

Which is why this recipe for banana and carrot cake seemed right up my street. It’s great for if you’re fairly new to the baking world. And the end result was tasty, filling and much healthier than traditional banana bread or carrot cake recipes. Because there’s no sugar, it’s not very sweet. But I made up for that by slathering my slices with peanut butter!

In one bowl, mix:

Two and a half cups of wholemeal flour

Two teaspoons of baking powder

A teaspoon of baking soda

A teaspoon of cinnamon

A pinch of salt


In another, mix:

One and a half cups of orange juice

Two tablespoons of olive oil

A teaspoon of vanilla extract

Two mashed bananas

A grated carrot

Half a cup of walnuts or pecans

Half a cup of raisons

Then mix it all together, put in a baking tin and bake in the oven at 180 degrees c for about 50 minutes.

This was the basic recipe I followed (I found it online yonks ago, but can’t seem to find the link again. Will post it up when I do) but I guessed a lot of the measurements, and just kept adding OJ to the flour until the whole thing had a cake batter-like consistency.

I reckon this could work with milk in place of the OJ – what do you think?

The end result:



Have you ever had any kitchen disasters? Last time I tried to make cookies, they spread out into each other on the baking tray to form one giant cookie! – Not that that was a bad thing, mind you.

8 Responses to A Baking Success

  1. brandi says:

    what a great sounding bread! I have some bananas that need to be used, too.

    THanks so much for the nice note and stopping by my blog! You can do it with the running! It just takes time and patience 🙂

  2. smallchangesaddup says:

    Thanks Brandi :). I’m determined to do it! I used to think running was a ‘natural’ talent that I didn’t possess, so for years I just didn’t bother trying. Since discovering the world of food blogs I’ve learnt that so many other now-runners were just as useless as me when they started. So there are no excuses now – I can do this! Any races in the pipeline for you?

    You should try the bread out, it’s really tasty and so easy to make.

  3. Jenn says:

    I hope you don’t mind if I follow your blog. Your recipes look so good.

    • smallchangesaddup says:

      Mind?! I’m so grateful to every single person who’s reading this – especially at this early stage when there isn’t much here :).
      If you bear with me, I promise more good recipes and much more interesting posts, hehe. Where are you from Jenn?

  4. Kailey says:

    looks delicious!!!

  5. melissastefanic says:

    I love breads! What you made slathered with pb sounds amazing to me!! I’ve never really had a baking disaster BUT I attribute that completely to luck! haha

  6. I recognize this one 😉 Love it! Can’t wait to try it out one of these days.

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