Lazy Saturdays and Bars Galore

Happy Saturday everyone! There’s nothing I love more than lazy Saturday mornings. I’m meeting up with a couple of friends later, but for now I’m as free as a bird. I woke up about eight (I seem incapable of sleeping in any later than that these days!) and immediately made myself a lovely breakfast. I was craving fruit salad, so it was lucky I’d gone out and bought some fresh fruit yesterday.

I chopped up strawberries, mango, apple and banana:


And then topped it with natural yoghurt and some of this:



Dorset Cerals is this really great company who make all sorts of mueslis, cereals and bars. I picked this one up a few weeks ago and I really like it – the huge chunks of cherry and cranberry give it more of a ‘zing’ than other cereals. I also love their ‘Really Nutty’ muesli. It’s quite an expensive brand though, so it’s more of a treat than an every day breakfast.

The finished product:



In other news, a package arrived when I was eating. Check out what was inside:



The lovely Naomi over at Natural Balance Foods send me all these goodies after I emailed her raving about how much I love nakd and trek bars. There are some flavours I haven’t tried yet, and I’ve never had the flapjacks or infused raisins either. You might be seeing these a lot over the next few weeks!

Have a nice weekend everyone :). And check back here over the next few days – I’ve got an interview with Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point coming up.

What are your favourite bars? I see so many on American blogs that I’d love to try – I’m planning on raiding Wholefoods when I’m in New York in September!

One Response to Lazy Saturdays and Bars Galore

  1. Score! I emailed them ages ago but they didn’t send anything 😦 I can’t wait to try those flapjacks. Let me know if they’re good 🙂

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