An uneventful Monday


How was everyone’s Monday? I’ve been doing a lot of overtime lately, involving 11-hour days (though not every day thankfully!) I think the extra work is beginning to catch up with me, all I wanted to do tonight is curl up in front of the TV.

But then I remember I have a 5K race in a month, so I laced up my running shoes and headed out the door. I did about three miles in total, but probably walked about half. I started off really srong and I felt great, but my knee started hurting after about a mile and a half so I decided walking would be for the best.

In case any of you are wondering what I do for a living, I’m a Travel Writer (trust me, that sounds a lot more glamourous than it actually is!) I work in the Editorial department of a British holiday company, and pretty much spend my days writing hotel descriptions and resort guides, plus bits for the in-flight magazine. Unfortunately the job doesn’t actually involve much travelling, so I’m in the office every day.

I did managed to bag a trip to Crete last year though, about a week after I joined the company.


It was a great start to working life, I just wish I got jetted off around the world every day!

Today’s eats were fairly mundane I’m afraid. Breakfast was muesli with strawberries, and mid-morning snacks included an apple and a cashew cookie lararbar:


I’d forgotten how much I like these. It’s definitely one of my favourite flavours.

Lunch was a falafel salad:



The falafel is kind of hidden under all the sprouts, but it’s definitely there. Also in the salad was spinach, cucumber, carrot, mange tout and cherry tomatoes.

Mid-afternoon snacks included a pear and a coffee (I try to limit my caffine intake, but there’s just no hope on Mondays!)

Mexican was on the menu for dinner. Cue chicken fajitas:


I had one fajita was lots of salsa. This was the first time I’d eaten meat in about a week, and it made me realise just how much I don’t miss it. I’m giving vegetarianism a  lot of thought at the moment, but I’m still not sure if I could do it or not.

Dessert consisted of several strawberries and raspberries, eaten straight from the punnet as I was making my lunch for work tomorrow.

Sorry for the boring post, I promise I’ll provide a more inspiring one tomorrow. On my run I was thinking about all the things I’ve learnt from health and fitness blogs, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

Question of the day? Are you a meat-eater, a vegetarian or a vegan? What are your thoughts regarding vegetarianism and health?

2 Responses to An uneventful Monday

  1. Isha says:

    I’m a vegetarian, but it wasn’t much of a change. My mom’s a vegetarian (but she eats fish), so I grew up eating little poultry and even less red meat. About 10 months ago, I just decided I wanted to be vegetarian – it fit my lifestyle. I do still eat fish, but not very often (usually because I’m too lazy to cook it at home). I think staying away from poultry and red meat makes me feel healthier, but even more than that, it’s much more sustainable for the earth!

  2. Being a Travel Writer does sound like fun- but I’ll take your word for it hehe
    I’m actually trying to get into writing myself- hopefully something to do with nutrition/health or something fun!

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