Food, Pimms and Operation Beautiful

Good morning everyone! The sun is shining here, so I’m crossing my fingers it’s going to be a nice day. It’s about time summer hits the UK!

Dinner last night was fun, but it wasn’t the same without my sister there (she’s in Portugal on a college field trip at the moment). I managed to get a semi-decent picture of me and my dad though:


We ordered a sharing plate to start with, which the menu described as “Antipasti + Chorizo + Salami + Mozzarella + Flat Bread”. I had some of the bread, the rocket and the cheese, while my parents happily polished off all the meat. This plate was practially clean by the time we’d finished with it!


My main course (Spiced Roasted Butternut Squash + Red Onion + Red Pepper + Watercress + Toasted Seeds + Pomegranate) was good, but there were too many leaves and nut enough squash for my liking – I ended up picking out all the good stuff and leaving a lot of the watercress.


I was really craving Pimms, so I convinced my parents to share one of these with me…


I love Pimms, it’s such a summer drink. By the way, I realise I’ve consumed a lot of cocktails this weekend – believe it or not I’m actually not a massive drinker anymore. I just have a weakness for cocktails! But I pretty much never drink during the week, so I figure a couple of drinks at the weekend is fine. Everything in moderation, right?

Operation Beautiful

I think I’ve been being a bit too over-critical of my body lately, so I decided to jump on the Operation Beautiful bandwagon in an attempt to ditch the negative thinking and start being a bit nicer to myself.

I have a nasty habit of looking in my full-length mirror the moment I get up. I stand there assessing how slim I look, and critiquing the parts of my body I don’t like. It really isn’t a great way to start the way and I need to stop. So last night I stuck an Operation Beautiful note on my mirror, and woke up to this:


It really made me smile. And instead wasting time looking at my less-than-perfect bits, I slammed the mirror door shut, got dressed and told myself today is going to be a good day!

Have you joined in with Operation Beautiful? What notes have you left for yourself or other people?

7 Responses to Food, Pimms and Operation Beautiful

  1. rediscoveringlauren says:

    love the operation beautiful note 🙂 its time we start being kind to ourselves and start trying to love our body!
    dinner looks delicious!

  2. Madison says:

    I completely agree with your operation beautiful note! I do get up and look at myself just like you do. You are right–not a good way for us to start the day!

  3. I don’t know what Pimms is but with all the fruit in there, it looks tasty! 😀

    • smallchangesaddup says:

      I was wondering when I wrote this post if it was just an English thing? It’s the typical, traditional summer drink over here.

      Here’s what wiki says (my source of knowledge for almost everything!)

      “Pimms is based on gin and has a dark tea colour with a reddish tint, and tastes subtly of spice and citrus fruit. It is often taken with lemonade, as well as various fruits including apples, oranges and lemons. It is 25% alcohol by volume.”

  4. Johanna B says:

    I love the operation beautiful posts. I put one of my bathroom mirror yesterday and I just decided to put one in my day planner (I use it for EVERYthing). I didn’t know about Pimm’s either. Thanks for the description.

  5. Kailey says:

    aww you look so happy to be with your dad!!
    love the operation beautiful post 🙂

  6. Just catching up on all of your posts! Would you believe I have NEVER tried Pims?! I think I would love it though because I really love gin! It definitely seems like a summer drink. I need to get in on the action!

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