Starbucks and a Big Thanks

I want to start this post by saying a massive thank you to everyone who’s reading! I was so scared of starting a blog in case no-one read it or found it interesting, but I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the amount of support I’ve gotten. I appreciate every single reader and every single comment so much, so thank you. And a big thanks to Angela for the shout out. If this blog ends up being half as inspiring and informative as Oh She Glows I’ll be one happy blogger!

Lunch today was my usual sandwich. I was in a hummus mood, so I paired that with spinach and sprouts on wholemeal bread:


Snacks included an apple, a pear, some cherries and carrot sticks. I’ve definitely been getting my five-a-day lately!

Dinner was eaten on-the-go (I do a Spanish evening class on Tuesdays, so I’m out the house from about 7am til 10pm). I stopped off at Starbucks and picked up a tuna and mayo sandwich. Since it was my second sandwich of the day I wasn’t really feeling it, but my options were limited.


I also ended up getting one of these:


A coffee light frappachino. I kind of regretted this after I got it. I’m all for everything in moderation, so when I crave sugary things I usually ‘allow’ myself to have them. But I really didn’t want or need this. I think I just ordered it out of habit. When I’d finished I realised I would have been much more satisfied with a piece of fruit or a packet of nuts. I’m going to try to start listening to my body from now on and ask myself what I really want before having ‘treats’.

How good are you at ‘intuative’ eating? Is it something you’ve always done, or did it take a lot of practice?

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