Inside My Fridge

I love seeing what groceries other people buy, I find it really interesting! So I thought I’d give you all a peek into my fridge to see the kinds of foods I tend to buy every week, and what I use them for.


I live at home with my parents at the moment, but I give them food and rent money, which means I get a say as to what we buy. Some weeks my mum does the shopping, and other weeks I do. These pictures were taken on Saturday, just after we’d been to the store. This food typically lasts until about Thursday, although we pick things up during the week if we run out. On Fridays, it’s usually a case of using up what’s left and raiding the cupboards to be able to make a decent meal!


  • Strawberry and banana smoothie – as an on-the-go snack or to take into work
  • Natural yoghurt – for smoothies, with fruit and with cereal
  • Skimmed milk – I take this into work during the week to have with cereal
  • Cottage Cheese – for salads, on baked sweet potatoes
  • Activia yoghurts – These are my dad’s. I used to love them, but I’m trying to eat less of them because they’re full of artificial sweeteners
  • Falafel – in salads, in pitta, with hummus
  • Hummus – in sandwiches, to dip veggie sticks in, with pitta bread. I love hummus!
  • Berries – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries this week. Berries are in season over here at the moment, so we’ve got more than usual. To use on cereal, in fruit salad, with yoghurt, in salads, or just own their own


  •  Apricots and grapes – to use in salads, with cereal, with yoghurt, or on their own. I could eat fruit all day long (in fact, I do more often than not!)
  • Chicken – we used this for a roast dinner on Sunday. We don’t have roasts every week, but there’s usually some sort of meat in the fridge (more for my parents than me)


  •  Spinach – In sandwiches, in salads, in Green Monsters!
  • Apples – I eat at least an apple a day. They make such great transportable snacks


  • Cherry tomatoes – in salads, on their own as a snack
  • Vegetables – I try to eat at least two different veg with my evening meals. This week we’ve got asparagus, green beans and broccoli. There’s also some baby corn hiding under there somewhere!

Let me know if any of you found this interesting. If you did, I’ll do a ‘what’s in my cupboards’ post as well.

In other news…I made a green smoothie and brought it into work for breakfast this morning. I’ll let you know later how well it survived the journey!

What’s in your fridge? What foods do you tend to buy every week?

16 Responses to Inside My Fridge

  1. I love seeing people’s fridges 🙂 I have some similar products to you…love that Be GOod to Yourself hummus and the Activia yogurt (their plain yogurt is SO creamy). Love all that veg!

  2. rediscoveringlauren says:

    its so interesting seeing other peoples fridges 🙂 i love the activia yogurts, so good!!
    have a great day hun

  3. I love seeing people’s fridges and cupboards! I have a lot of the same things (spinach, felafel, BGTY hummus)- good taste! 😀

  4. Kailey says:

    i love all of your fresh produce 🙂 especially those berries! YUM

    i usually always have yogurt/broccoli/broccoli slaw and baby carrots.

  5. jocelynsteiber says:

    Hey! I love seeing what people eat! I’m addicted to making strawberry and banana smoothie. I’m going grocery shopping today and I’m going to post pictures on my blog tomorrow! Check it out:

  6. Amy says:

    Mmmm, I want some berries now!

  7. Madison says:

    Lately I have been buying lots of spinach, bananas, almond milk, greek yogurt, and berries. So refreshing in the summer time!

    I know how you feel about Activia yogurts–I used to eat them too but all that artificial stuff gets to me.

  8. lowandbhold says:

    It’s always fun to get a sneak peak into fridges! Yours looks very healthy!

    Mine is a toss-up… I am really moody with what foods I like, sometimes I’ll love apples and sometimes I hate them, same goes with most foods. But I always have GM ingredients – almond milk, almond butter, spinach, etc. I also usually have a lot of random leftovers too.

  9. keri410 says:

    I love looking into other people’s fridges! (: It’s always interesting to see what people eat… why? No idea!

    Doing a cupboards post would be fun!

    Fresh produce and essentials like milk and yogurt are definitely on the weekly grocery list and always in my fridge!

    Have a fantastic day!

  10. Johanna B says:

    Love the photos of your fridge. We buy a lot of the same stuff. I shop a couple of times a week for fresh items but do a big shop every couple of weeks (like on payday). I live alone and cooking for one used to be a bummer but I’ve started to enjoy taking care of myself in the way I eat.

  11. Haleigh says:

    So much fresh produce and whole foods! Very impressive 🙂 I usually have the same types of foods as you in my fridge. I try to do one big grocery shop a week and then stock up on fresh foods throughout the week.

  12. what a nutritious fridge! i do buy the same stuff over and over – trying to branch out!

  13. It all looks so neat and organized!!!

  14. Haha yes I also love being “nosy” like this! 😉

    I live at home too, but I eat VERY differently than everyone else in my house, so we don’t “share” much food. The refrigerator is a hodgepodge mess which drives me nuts, because my mom just shoves things in without checking what’s behind it, and my dad thinks that things that HE uses belong front and center. Anyway.

    Cupboards next? 😉

    ❤ ❤

  15. Maria says:

    I enjoyed this post! It’s great to not only see what you have but also what you do with it :). Lots of fresh produce in there!

    I buy tons of produce, almond milk, tofu and hummus on a weekly basis. Mostly leftovers, produce, milk, almond butter, eggs, hummus, tofu, and cheese is in the fridge.

    I tried bringing in a GM yesterday and today–didn’t work too well for me, so I’m curious to see how yours went!

  16. Menden says:

    Everything in your fridge looks so neat and tidy! 🙂

    I buy certain foods every week: greek yogurt, almond milk, almond butter, eggs, apples, spinach, green veggies, hummus, wine (hehe)

    For the boyfriend: milk, cheerios, bananas, sweetened yogurt, chicken, lunch meat, and vodka (ha!)

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